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        台州屹捷数控机床股份有限公司坐落于浙江省玉环市,公司成立至今,一直致力于双头数控机床的研发与制造。“稳定可靠,快捷高效"的产品质量定位,受到更多顾客的肯定与信赖。随着公司持续发展,现已形成“屹捷"牌双头数控机床、数控对列双主轴数控机床等系列产品。为实现“中驱技术--为顾客增值" 这- -经营理念 ,公司先后与大中院校.工程院士等建立长期合作关系。截止目前已成功获得多项发明专力。特别在轴类零件的加工中效率倍增。



        Taizhou Yiile CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is located in Yuhuan City, Zhejiang Province. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to developmentand manufacture of double-headed CNC Lathe machine.

        The product quality positioning of“stable, reliable, fast and eficient" has been recognized and trusted by more customers. With the continuous development of ourcompany, it has formed a series of products such as

        double-headed/two turret CNC lathe and CNC Double- -spindle CNC lathe machine with "Yije"brand.In order to realize the business philosophy of "Mid-drive Technology- -adding value to customers", the company has estalished long-term cooperative relation-ships with universities and colleges and engineering academicians. Up to now, it has successully achieved for a number of invention patents. Especially in the pro-cessing of shaft parts,the fficiency is doubled.

        With 20 years development, Yiile people always persistence, effort, innovation and transcendence working belief; Provide customers with high-quality products andprofessional services for the purpose, has become the domestic first - class double- head CNC machine tool R & D and manufacturing Business.

        Warmly welcome our new and old customers come to us to negotiate cooperation and make billiant wisdom! 

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